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Web design for fixed prices from Uppsala.

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Online Ads
Are you planning an advertising campaign, or do you have an online business? We can help you by designing modern and attractive online ads, so-called banners, which will attract viewers. We know exactly how to catch viewers’ attention.

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Website design
We help design sleek, modern and mobile compatible websites which can help boost your company’s potential and presence.
We work with WordPress, which is the biggest and most popular platform for web design. We work after the customer’s specific requests and needs.
Together we help build the website which is perfectly suited for you.
And with CMS, you can update most of your site yourself afterwards.

Graphic design
A unique and smart graphic design can help make your brand stand out and catch your customers’ attention. We can design professional logos, brochures, business cards and other printed materials for your company.

Web development
Do you need help to spruce up your old webpage? No problem, we can help! Using the latest trends and tech, we can help you improve and develop your website, depending on your needs. Responsive design guaranteed, to make sure your website is attractive on all platforms. We customize everything to fit your specific website and help you all the way through.

Our latest Projects
Our latest projects.
All our work has been done in joint cooperation with our customers, and they have all been very pleased with the work we’ve done.

About Design Square

We are an online business based in Uppsala Sweden. We have a professional team, who have a passion for web design, with 8 years experience in graphic design and web development.

We’ve designed multiple websites in WordPress for various companies for several years. We utilise web development and UX design to create the perfect website suited for you.
We can help you build everything from a simple webpage to a fully developed website for your brand, based on your specific requests. Contact us if you have an idea for a project or brand and we’ll help build a professional website. We offer 3 months free-support, 7-days a week after the creation of the site, in case of bugs.

Our clients
Our role as a web design and marketing service varies from client to client, sometimes it’s more focused on customer sales, other times it is more focused on competing with other brands. But we’ve done meaningful work for all the clients we’ve had.

Our latest projects

Done in collaboration with our clients.

We have helped design a webpage for the Swedish cleaning company: Abbesstad, from Skellefteå, Sweden.